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Article: Voyage through November's astrology, under the expert guidance of none other than Shankyastro from Për Në.

Voyage through November's astrology, under the expert guidance of none other than Shankyastro from Për Në.

Voyage through November's astrology, under the expert guidance of none other than Shankyastro from Për Në.

Exploring the world of astrology is a joyful and fanciful journey. Our enchantment with the cosmos knows no bounds, as we eagerly strive to acquire insights from the stars. Within the heart of Për Në Skin, our profound interest in the celestial realm endures. We joined forces with Hannah from Shankastro to delve into the cosmic stories that gracefully unfold above, focusing on our health and wellness.


11/8- Venus enters Libra: Venus had been retrograde all summer, and then shifted through Virgo, one of her least comfortable signs. Now she finally moves into one of her favorite signs, Libra, and desire for equilibrium in relationships, aesthetics & beauty feel natural and at home.

11/9- Mercury enters Sagittarius: Adventurous thinking and open-mindedness are sparked. Thinking bigger picture will have you engaging in philosophical debates, and quenching a thirst for knowledge.

11/11- Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus: Tension between a desire for control & the need for freedom. Hidden tensions or power struggles may lead to confrontations or unexpected events. Try to harness this energy constructively by finding a balance between assertiveness & compromise.

11/13- New Moon in Scorpio: A potent opportunity for self-discovery, healing, and releasing old baggage. Scorpio's energy invites us to let go of what no longer serves us (death), embrace change (rebirth), and make space for new beginnings (transformation).This New Moon fosters a sense of empowerment and resilience, urging us to rise from our own ashes and embark on a journey of personal renewal, which prepares us for upcoming Sagittarius season.

11/17- Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mars in Scorpio: The Alchemy of Scorpio—> Intensity & assertiveness amplified by passion & determination. This conjunction combines vitality & self expression with drive.

11/22- Sagittarius season begins: Scorpio taught us to clean out our deepest closets & make room for optimism, adventure & new philosophies. Tis the season to aim your bow to the stars and open your mind to new experiences.

11/24- Mars enters Sagittarius: Spontaneity takes the lead. Be daring and bold both in your travels (physically & spiritually) & pursuit of opportunities.

11/27- Full Moon in Gemini: Curiosity peaks, inspiring more meaningful conversations & openly expressing oneself. This Full Moon encourages mental stimulation, networking, and a desire for diverse experiences and connections.

Self Care For The Signs

Aries: Your year has been all about reestablishing who you are through creativity, self love & healing, and now it’s time to feel the support and love from those close to you. Eclipse season is over & now you can manifest exactly what you want from your most intimate connections. Surround yourself with friends and family near the Full Moon at the end of the month by hosting a gathering, and focus on connecting & catching up one on one with your guests.

Taurus: Venus in Libra will help you find ways to make your daily tasks & rituals more beautiful. Buy yourself a new pair of comfy slippers for your house, or set up your manifestation alter or meditation space with a new cloth or cushion that brings joy & beauty to the space. You may feel inspired to try a new form of therapy to connect with your inner child, and turn any knowledge gained from that healing into something fun. Journal during the full moon at the end of the month on how you can connect with your inner hedonist & allow pleasure to guide you.

Gemini: What inspires you creatively? You have been spending time figuring this out the last few months. What insights have downloaded to you that point to joy? Share these joys with someone you love & incorporate them into the relationship. This month’s full moon in your sign happens once a year and it encourages you to embrace your inner warrior. Find a mantra or chant that makes you feel most empowered and howl it proudly under the moon.

Cancer: Venus in Libra is here to beautify your home life & safe space. Mercury & Mars in Sagittarius will encourage you to increase your creativity in mundane tasks and daily life & inspire you to incorporate music, games or something spontaneous into your routine. The moon is your ruler & will be full in Gemini at the end of the month. Prepare for lots of spiritual insights to download. Have a pen & paper ready, draw a bath with your favorite scents & allow the messages to flow through you & onto your page.

Leo: Venus in Libra is encouraging you to speak up about your needs & don’t hold back on expressing yourself freely. You have been asking for the space to be heard and it is here for you. Mercury & Mars joining forces in Sagittarius will be asking you to look back at your favorite indulgences as a kid & reimagine them in the present. How can you create more joyful experiences through self expression that connect to your childhood? The full moon will be illuminating your expression advocacy so volunteer for a cause that is important to you or brainstorm ideas of starting your own.

Virgo: it’s time for you to manifest and receive the wealth & abundance you have been working hard to attain, so ask for that raise, increase your prices or work on creating space for more abundance. Mercury & Mars in Sagittarius will be asking you to slow down & declutter your life (and to-do lists) so that you can rest and get ready for life to pick up the pace again. The full moon will be bringing in boss vibes so buy that new book that will inspire CEO confidence to talk business & work opportunities.

Libra: Venus is in your sign so this is your glow up time. Ask for the most sensational desires & allow them to come to you. You are being inspired to connect with the topics that light up your soul and bring you the most joy and let your voice be heard. The full moon in Gemini will be encouraging you to share a topic near and dear to you with a larger audience. Share your wisdom through social media or a lecture & really allow your inner joy to shine through your words.

Scorpio: Happy solar return to all the November Scorpios! The beginning of this month is all about self compassion and restructuring your subconscious beliefs to have less negative self-talk. Mercury & Mars in Sagittarius will ask you to get excited about sensuality & pleasure & bring some fun to your desires. How can you incorporate more playfulness in all realms of sensuality & pleasure? This full moon in Gemini will inspire you to connect to your inner alchemist & share it with your core girl or guy friends. Doing a full moon ritual or a group meditation with your coven will enhance your magick within & provide some deep healing & self-love.

Sagittarius: Happy solar return to all the November Sags! Venus in Libra is encouraging the “we” with your social groups & support you need from your community . Mercury & Mars are in your sign, supporting you to share your best self with the world. Share your truths, joys & freedoms & allow them to guide you to abundance. The Full Moon in your opposite sign, Gemini, will inspire romance and love. Write yourself love notes, or for your special someone or loved ones. Plan a special night with someone you love & have heart-to-heart conversations that grow & deepen your bond.

Capricorn: You will be receiving praise and admiration for all your accomplishments in your career. Now is the time to ask for that promotion or accept a new job offer that aligns with the abundance you’ve been asking for. Mercury & Mars in Sagittarius are asking you to drop the skepticism and trust in your spirit guides. Book yourself a spa day to help yourself relax and calm the mind. The full moon will encourage you to channel the spiritual wisdom of the High Priestess tarot into your planning of the upcoming new year.

Aquarius: You are being inspired to dive into expanding your education & knowledge of all the things that inspire you. Treat it as though you are back in school: grab some notebooks & colored pens or even highlighters and get to learning. Which social causes are important to you and how can you inspire those around you to get involved with you? This full moon in Gemini will be asking you to break out the paint, crayons or coloring books and allow space for your inner child to play. Put aside time for this as a day of healing & take note of anything that inspires your creative calling.

Pisces: This month you are being asked to find ways to realign your environment at work to be more supportive & energizing. Lean into expanding yourself & allow your core group of friends to uplift you. The full moon will encourage you to connect to your inner nurturing. Plan a cozy night in with yourself and your favorite tea or comfy clothes, and indulge in a movie or album that brings nostalgia. Take time to reflect with gratitude on all the people in your life that care for you & put you first.

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